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Touhou Vocal Collection Vol.5

Name: Toho Vocal Collection Vol.5 
Weight :588.04 MB 
Format: MP3, 7zip, Covers mounted via iTunes
Summary: This is a project I had in mind and was willing to do, I like the vocals and then over time I've been collecting them all, I decided to do this for people who enjoy vocal arrangements, and can then find them all in one.
I'm planning to get release 22 packages, which hover between 500mb and 800mb

Black LotusLucent WishEastNewSound
miss illusionLucent WishEastNewSound
風導星歌、黎明ノ景Lucent WishEastNewSound
紅 6.0 Records(ver 0.1)Lucent WishEastNewSound
undefined songsLucent WishEastNewSound
Black ButterflyLucent WishEastNewSound
Missing SorrowLucent WishEastNewSound
Proof of RiverLucent WishEastNewSound
Lucent WishLucent WishEastNewSound
片月下円舞曲Lucent WishEastNewSound
One Day's MemoryLucent WishEastNewSound
STAY HERE,NOT ALONELyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
the 4seasons 4uLyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
君色マスタースパークLyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
奏で穿て、東雲の彼方へLyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
ザクロは血の味、恋の味Lyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
幻想協祭囃子(秋)Lyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
Together in the skyLyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
Girl's mindLyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶Lyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
咲き届け、春へ至る音Lyrical CrimsonEastNewSound
song for birdSacred FactorEastNewSound
Lucid DreamSacred FactorEastNewSound
かくて私はルートを辿るSacred FactorEastNewSound
蒼月下零度Sacred FactorEastNewSound
Alegro?Sacred FactorEastNewSound
緋色月下、狂咲ノ絶 -1st Anniversary Remix-Sacred FactorEastNewSound
Fractal CageSacred FactorEastNewSound
My directionSacred FactorEastNewSound
人形よ問うコトなかれScattered DestinyEastNewSound
悖徳数列組曲(x≒y)Scattered DestinyEastNewSound
彩祭雷禮Scattered DestinyEastNewSound
死奏憐音、玲瓏ノ終Scattered DestinyEastNewSound
蒼影~Ancient Unicorn~Scattered DestinyEastNewSound
少女さとりAtomic Heatefs
静かな願いAtomic Heatefs
PhantomBlackiNightDream.Atomic Heatefs
ラストリモートAtomic Heatefs
dOWn thE draiNAtomic Heatefs
ブクレシュティの人形師 Ver1.1Atomic Heatefs
上海紅茶館 ~Chinese Tea ―Chaotic Beatefs
ラクトガール ~少女密室 ―Chaotic Beatefs
東の国の眠らない夜 ―Chaotic Beatefs
ラクトガール ~HARDERG&ROUND REMIX~Chaotic Beat Append Discefs
幽雅に咲かせ、黒染めの桜 ~Boder of Life -<Trasient Memories>Lunatic Gateefs
竹取飛翔 ~LunaticPrincess -<Eternal Change>Lunatic Gateefs
もう歌しか聞こえない -<Through the Air>Lunatic Gateefs
レトロスペクティブ京都 Mystic Heartefs
ネクロファンタジア Mystic Heartefs
恋色マスタースパーク Mystic Heartefs
シンデレラケージ ~Kagome-Kagome Mystic Heartefs
シンデレラゲージ ~KagomeKagome~ --Mystic Heart おまけCDefs
Cleave My Way夜桜幻想郷efs
In the DARKNESS. -アナタノヤクヲ、サカセテアゲル-夜桜幻想郷efs
Miss MoonlightKALEIDOSCAPEego☆trip
True wingsGothic style of TouhouElemental note
InnocentGothic style of TouhouElemental note
月夜桜-Night View of Touhou-Elemental note
歌聖の花月夜桜-Night View of Touhou-Elemental note
永縁花永縁花 -The Elemental of Touhou-Elemental note
不死の光永縁花 -The Elemental of Touhou-Elemental note
歌聖の花永縁花 -The Elemental of Touhou-Elemental note
落ち葉のワルツ秋音風-Autumn of Touhou-Elemental note
Wind of twilightreflectionemroots
plain asia~version full-moon xxx~cut-a-rougeeS=S
月光幻想曲~Moonlight Fantasycut-a-rougeeS=S
Lunatic Princess (selfishness respect for AR-MW mix)Cyber ReverieeS=S
Star GazerLuminous 2 . . .eS=S
マヨヒガLuminous 2 . . .eS=S
Fanatical AmbitionMirror GateEvergrace
The Black Arts FantasiaMirror GateEvergrace

URL: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=272GLZ7D

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