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Touhou Vocal Collection Vol.13

Name: Toho Vocal Collection Vol.13 
Weight : 379.46 MB 
Format: MP3, 7zip, Covers mounted via iTunes
Summary: This is a project I had in mind and was willing to do, I like the vocals and then over time I've been collecting them all, I decided to do this for people who enjoy vocal arrangements, and can then find them all in one.
I'm planning to get release 22 packages, which hover between 500mb and 800mb

蒼空に舞え、墨染の桜GRAZESilver Forest
ツンデレアリスの憂鬱GRAZESilver Forest
Lunatic BeatLunatic BeatSilver Forest
音無き刻の中へLunatic BeatSilver Forest
クスリNoリスクLunaticが止まらないSilver Forest
ロマンティック!ルナティック!Lunaticが止まらないSilver Forest
最速流域Phantasm BrigadeSilver Forest
Phantasm Brigade - another sidePhantasm BrigadeSilver Forest
Lunatic BlueRebirthSilver Forest
BLOOD ON BLOODRebirthSilver Forest
刹那に散ろうともRebirthSilver Forest
GuiltyReincarnationSilver Forest
萃夢想歌ReincarnationSilver Forest
SentenceSentenceSilver Forest
ゲートキーパー乙TEI! TEI! TEI!Silver Forest
ワンダーランドいつかきっと、幻想郷Silver Forest
Alcoholic RockbeatうさばんSilver Forest
たのしーくらいうさばんSilver Forest
神様ホリデーうさばんSilver Forest
starting overしろうさぎSilver Forest
終焉を告げる調べ悠久パラダイムSilver Forest
Ever... carry on悠久パラダイムSilver Forest
星と月と宇宙のむこうで悠久パラダイムSilver Forest
hands on me (さゆり ver)悠久パラダイムSilver Forest
brand-new joy悠久パラダイムSilver Forest
ねこにゃんのうた悠久パラダイムSilver Forest
Sadistic Love東方Starry-EyedSilver Forest
神の化身 - vizravas東方Starry-EyedSilver Forest
we will turn on you東方Starry-EyedSilver Forest
咲かせ☆咲かせ東方Starry-EyedSilver Forest
Fanatic Wind東方ノスタルジアSilver Forest
幻想ノスタルジア ~ under the illusion東方ノスタルジアSilver Forest
Forcast Function東方ノスタルジアSilver Forest
夜空にうごめく月東方ノスタルジアSilver Forest
幼女の国のダンスフロア東方ノスタルジアSilver Forest
Brave your dream東方夢想連歌Silver Forest
SPEED STAR東方夢想連歌Silver Forest
Magic Night東方夢想連歌Silver Forest
Next Stage東方夢想連歌Silver Forest
Sacred東方悠幻奏Silver Forest
7 days a week東方月見が丘Silver Forest
森羅結界東方月見が丘Silver Forest
Holy my Reincarnation東方秘封魔術Silver Forest
つるぺったん東方萃奏楽Silver Forest
届かない永遠の距離東方蒼天歌Silver Forest
sweet little sister東方蒼天歌Silver Forest
Keep the Faith東方蒼天歌Silver Forest
ケロ⑨destiny東方蒼天歌Silver Forest
霊験あらたか東方蒼幻燈Silver Forest
聖少女サクリファイス聖少女サクリファイスSilver Forest
Black Destiny聖少女サクリファイスSilver Forest
想い風~The wind connects the world~Best Wishes..SJV-SC
今宵麗し宴Best Wishes..SJV-SC
天の海~From the sea of rainy sky~Best Wishes..SJV-SC
宿命Best Wishes..SJV-SC
鮮やかに咲く乙女たちBest Wishes..SJV-SC
Shining tiaraBest Wishes..SJV-SC
永遠のevidenceBest Wishes..SJV-SC
東方玄冬簾東方玄冬簾~snow stays through the blind~sociopath
ヒトガタ使い東方玄冬簾~snow stays through the blind~sociopath
ChuるLotus ~ロータス~Sound AVE
LotusLotus ~ロータス~Sound AVE
Regret of The Scarletfeat.RIZESound CYCLONE
heaven -Sweet Sugar Mix-Sound CYCLONE Preview CD vol.02Sound CYCLONE
Two of Us -Album Ver-逆光Sound CYCLONE


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