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Touhou Vocal Collection Vol.16

Name: Toho Vocal Collection Vol.16 
Weight :506.36 MB 
Format: MP3, 7zip, Covers mounted via iTunes
Summary: This is a project I had in mind and was willing to do, I like the vocals and then over time I've been collecting them all, I decided to do this for people who enjoy vocal arrangements, and can then find them all in one.
I'm planning to get release 22 packages, which hover between 500mb and 800mb

Blind Night SorrowBlind Night SorrowThousand Leaves
Imperfect WomanBlind Night SorrowThousand Leaves
Noble VampireBlind Night SorrowThousand Leaves
Flame of SadnessBlind Night SorrowThousand Leaves
Lunatic eyestechmatrixtrue&falses
Lovin'you Startechmatrixtrue&falses
False and Truestechmatrixtrue&falses
Fly metechmatrixtrue&falses
Electric TranceネイティブフェイスUnLimited Questions
DRAGON FORCEHypothetical BoxUnlucky Morpheus
烏天狗Hypothetical BoxUnlucky Morpheus
SIVAHypothetical BoxUnlucky Morpheus
THE TOWER OF THE BLOODHypothetical BoxUnlucky Morpheus
Jealousy of SilenceJealousyUnlucky Morpheus
Endless ControlJealousyUnlucky Morpheus
Le Cirque de Sept CouleursJealousyUnlucky Morpheus
魔境堕天録サリエルJealousyUnlucky Morpheus
PerversenessJealousyUnlucky Morpheus
百鬼飛行JealousyUnlucky Morpheus
断罪は遍く人間の元にREBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
Missing GirlREBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
奇子 ~ Unknown ChildREBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
木葉天狗REBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
Heaped HeartREBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
No Grudge Any MoreREBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
神々が恋した幻想郷REBIRTHUnlucky Morpheus
Rumbling heartsSo That A Star Shines at NightUnlucky Morpheus
Where the Wind BlowsSo That A Star Shines at NightUnlucky Morpheus
Blue tearsSo That A Star Shines at NightUnlucky Morpheus
sweet passionSo That A Star Shines at NightUnlucky Morpheus
Next SeasonSo That A Star Shines at NightUnlucky Morpheus
Unfeigned Actress <Vocal Ver.>Unbeatable AccompliceUnlucky Morpheus
WHITE & CRIMSON東方夢幻奏唄-another place dream-UtAGe
鎮魂歌東方夢幻奏唄-another place dream-UtAGe
朱月の七重奏-セプテット-東方詩循詩歌-marvelous three days-UtAGe
晴れのち雨、散歩日東方詩循詩歌-marvelous three days-UtAGe
Girlish Aspiration東方出流幻想譚VAGUEDGE
Set the new Revelie ~ 妖々の夢見東方出流幻想譚VAGUEDGE
Water Land ~神恋幻想水響曲~桃源GardenVIGNETTE HOUSE
Heavenly gate桃源GardenVIGNETTE HOUSE
fly high ~蒼い希望~桃源GardenVIGNETTE HOUSE
VibrantRed桃源GardenVIGNETTE HOUSE
SecretGareden~失われた約束~桃源GardenVIGNETTE HOUSE
Necro Fantasia feat. minteaAt the SacrificeXL Project
Endless Festival -REDALiCE remix-Endless Festival EPXL Project
Deep MountainRE:ACTANCEXL Project
Phantom EnsembleRE:ACTANCEXL Project
Fate of sixty years feat. march -world's end mix-the end of the worldXL Project
the end of the world feat. minteathe end of the worldXL Project
After World feat. minteathe last hopeXL Project
Lychnis feat. minteathe last hopeXL Project
Starminethe starry skyXL Project
starry hopethe starry skyXL Project
Seek for Destinythe starry skyXL Project
Deep Mountain -ziki_7 remix-the starry skyXL Project
Star dust sparkleMsXOTIC
Oriental star flightMsXOTIC
Folder of magusMsXOTIC
Knowledge lunaticsMsXOTIC
Flower gardenScarlet insanityXOTIC
Pitiless guardScarlet insanityXOTIC
Devil’s boastScarlet insanityXOTIC
Unknown’s sufferingScarlet insanityXOTIC
Intellect of shadeScarlet insanityXOTIC


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